Labor Transcendence Series compiled by Ana Teixeira Pinto. / by Kunstsaele


A series of talks on labor and/or transcendence organized by Ana Teixeira Pinto.

The attention span of an average adult is 20 minutes, we do not intend to cross your threshold. Revolving around the theme of "labour and transcendence", in a format inspired by Pecha-Cucha evenings, each speaker will present his/her topic of choice within 15 minutes.

Stefan Heidenreich and Ralph Heidenreich - Credit Default Swap
Isabell Schrickel - Radiating Paralyses – Labor and Beauty
François Bucher - The Man Who Disappeared
Alena J. Williams - Labor circa 1910
Dani Gal - 5. Clips
Sladja Blazan - If I wasn’t doing what I was doing I would be doing this
Augustin Maurs - On Labor and Transcendence