Redefining Power Perspectives on power through feminist thought -Organized by Amber Hickey and Lindsey Sharman, ZhdK, Zürich. / by Kunstsaele

Power is…

“Controlling access” / “Being able to define something” / “The sex difference” / “A social resource” / “Transcendence over immanence” / “A relation, not a thing” / “A potentiality, not an actuality” / “Power over others” / “Power over oneself” /”To be able to” /….

Using feminist theory as its point of departure, this event aims to define and redefine power in collaboration with all participants and attendees. Join us for an evening of mini-presentations exploring personal definitions of power. At the end of the evening help answer the question, “Who wants it?”

Organized by Amber Hickey and Lindsey Sharman

28.03.2012, 8 pm