CAN YOU PASS THE SALT, PLEASE? #4 / by Kunstsaele

Ein Gastmahl. Dinner, drinks and discussions on the notion of the miracle/wonder. With Spanish tapas and Paella by Marco Segurado from 'You Don't Tell it to Anyone'.

Salon Populaire invites you to participate in an evening dedicated to the miracle. Taking up on the ancient Greek tradition of coming together to eat and drink while at the same time discussing philosophical questions, we are continuing our series of joint dinner-conversations at the Salon. In cooperation with Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga / Program, we chose the miracle as our fourth topic. 

Miracles mark the boundaries of occidental rationality, which is mostly shaped by christianity and ancient philosophy of nature. The "miraculous" labels the extraordinary, as well as mysterious healings, incredible natural occurrences and the wondrous unknown, unexpected technical innovations, artistic ideas and also sheer coincidences. A miracle is a window onto the world from which art, science and technology have emerged – a window that draws attention to a deficiency or a gap that, as much as we might like to, we can not close. With this evening, we would like to put the occidental world view and its fragile interpretational skills up for discussion and compare our perspective with alternative points of view found in other cultures.

Starting from both philosophical texts and personal experiences, stories and thoughts, we have invited a number of guests to contribute to the diversity of the evening. Each guest will bring one story, thought or text, which they relate to the miracle/wonder and use that as a starting point for an exchange of ideas and positions around and across the table. 

Access to this event is open, but space is limited. Service charge 15€, 3 course meal, incl. drinks. Please rsvp to

Wednesday, December 7, 8 pm