Sandra Peters INTERPLAY - finissage Saturday at Salon Populaire / by Kunstsaele

Salon Populaire invites you to join the finissage of Sandra Peters’s show Interplay hosted by the Kunstsaele Berlin. She conceived the installation borrowed window in relation to the architecture of Rudolph Schindler and developed it in relation to the exhibition space at Kunstsaele Berlin.

The evening will start with a presentation of a work Sandra Peters did about Rudolph Schindlers house in West Hollywood, C.A., a slide installation with the title: flux balance: rotating wings, 835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood.

Afterwards two selected writings will be read by the art historian Julian M. Schindele and by Sandra Peters: a manifesto by Rudolph Schindler (1912) and Zikkurats by Sol Lewitt (1963), which will be the starting point for the discussion that evening. 

Both texts are relevant to a broader understanding of Sandra Peters’ approach to space, architecture and art. Schindler’s manifesto is a precise articulation of his ideas in architecture, concerning the relationship between inside and outside, form and material, experience and space. Whereas Schindler focuses on general principles, but in relation to individual buildings, LeWitt is concerned with the urban structure as a determining factor as well. What Schindler and LeWitt have in common, however, is an interest in intricate patterns that are functional not just in a narrow utilitarian way but in an aesthetic way. Sandra Peters highlights such aesthetics by shifting architectural elements sculpturally from one space to another, from a fixed structure to a movable structure, from outside to inside, from architecture to art, thereby questioning our relationship to such elements. 

The program starts at 8 p.m. & the bar will be open.
Donation: 2 EUR

The conversation is organized in collaboration with Aanant & Zoo. Please join us afterwards for drinks and soup.