BEHIND THE CODES Film City Berlin #1 / by Kunstsaele

Behind the Codes – Film City Berlin #1
A series of mises-en-scène by Florian Wüst (in German language)
In a series of monthly evenings, Florian Wüst seeks to contextualize Salon Populaire spatially: by showing and commenting on selected film references and excerpts, he reflects the history and the present of West Berlin – as the ‘storefront of the free West’, as a site for the squatting movements of the early 1980s, as well as a current ‘virgin land’ for galleries and art spaces. The first event, Behind the Codes, relates to the period around 1960 – a time in which the euphoria of economic progress and urban modernization merged with feelings of growing disorientation and the criticism of the suppression of the German past.

Florian Wüst is an artist and freelance film curator based in Berlin.